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Children Dance

Children excel in all aspects of life when we cultivate their interest in the arts. Whether their desire is to become a performer or a patron, we seek to educate children in the art of dance, physically and mentally, instilling an appreciation of the art form for years to come.

Students are taught technique and performance skills such as coordination, strength, flexibility, alignment, rhythm and endurance. Through self-discipline, dedication, a positive atmosphere and constructive criticism, students gain a heightened self-esteem, body awareness & creativity.

We have on-going classes for children that last during the school year season from the end August through the end of May or Beginning of June, as well as series classes that act as a 6 week or 8 week class for new children’s classes.

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Note: If you would like some more assistance then please call 214-821-2066.
We are happy to help you find the best classes for your child! 

2021-2022 Schedule of Children's classes begins AUGUST 16, 2021! OPEN REGISTRATION GOES LIVE 5/22/2021

CBD 2021-22 CBD Schedule of Classes