Youth Performing Companies


Performance Ensembles:

A positive of CBD's Youth Peforming Companies is that they are all strong and individual companies.  They do have some different performance opportunities based upon venue, but overall the focus is training and peformance strengthening for each company. All dancers, no matter which company they are a member of, are encouraged to train in various techniques as it makes a stronger and more versatile dancer and performer.

In addition to the Christmas Production and the June Spring Concerts, the School offers more perfornance opportunities for the performance ensembles on the pre-professional or more serious training track:

The Performance companies host their annual In-Studio Fundraiser at the school in November which raises funds for performances and costumes.

All Companies peform at Dance Planet, Northpark Holiday show, and other local festivals as well as some competitions/ conventions.

The School hosted the In studio master classes for the ICON Dance Awards this past February- a classical and contemporary ballet convention and competition.

The Hip Hop Company has performed at SMU Basketball games and otheer sports events throughout the metroplex.

The Youth Ballet performs in the Christmas production of Ballet Dallas, offering an opportunity to work alongside professional classical and contemporary dancers.

The selection process for these ensembles is by teacher recommendation or audition, which is held at the end of the prior school year. If a student is new to the school, that student can be evaluated in order to join.

SCBD Youth Ballet Company

Director Allison Watson -Festner,  Co-Director Becca Sigmund 

The mission of the SCBD Youth Ballet is to provide a pre-professional program for dancers that fosters an outlet for students interested in performing more often in classical and contemporary ballet work. Performances are local, but not limited to, and in various festivals, events, and select competitions. The SCBD Youth Ballet was created in the Fall of 2012 with former director Anna Ward. School director, Lindsay Bowman saw a need for students to develop their craft more, artistically and creatively, in addition to regular technique classes. Therefore the Youth Ballet was born as a ballet performance group of students that rehearsed extra hours in addition to their regular weekly ballet classes. Students studied choreography throughout the school year, and as a result grew artistically in their expression, performance ability and technique.

The program expanded in 2014 separating from recreational ballet classes and adding a third division to the program for the youngest members, and adding an Associate  Director, Allison Watson-Festner, to help with training, rehearsals and choreography.

These additions offered an opportunity for more students to join the Youth Ballet, a more specialized and focused training opportunity, and an expanded repertoire including classical and contemporary works.

The Program today is designed to offer more serious dancers excellent training in classical and contemporary ballet styles as well as train a well-rounded dancer by requiring jaz and contemporary training. Students are encouraged to train in additional techniques, as well,  such as tap, hip-hop and acro, as well.

The SCBD Youth Ballet program aims to build teamwork and self-esteem in students. Company members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner, to set a good example, and to represent the school by not only their performance ability but also their behavior.

Students commit to being a team member of the SCBD Youth Ballet for the season, which runs typically June through May of the following year. The regular schedule of classes and training vary in the Summer months. Classes during the Summer include a SCBD Youth Ballet Summer Intensive, and needed rehearsals for performances. SCBD Youth Ballet performs in Contemporary Ballet Dallas’ Christmas production, Boogie Woogie Christmas Carol; Dance Planet, an annual dance festival held in Dallas, sponsored by The Dance Council North Texas;  The School of Contemporary Ballet Dallas’ annual Spring concerts, additional Spring Festivals, a Fall Fundraiser which offsets the cost of costumes and performance fees, and a Spring Youth Ensemble Concert.

Additional detailed information is outlined in the SCBD Youth Ballet contract provided at the beginning of each Season.

The SCBD Youth Ballet program is open to students ages 10 through 18 years, and acceptance into the program is by audition, usually held in the spring of the previous year. New students to the school may be evaluated for SCBD Youth Ballet upon entrance into the school.


SCBD Youth Tap Ensemble, Director Keira Leverton

The objective of SCBD Tap Ensemble is to provide the tools dancers need in order to become proficiently skilled and knowledgeable in the art of tap dance, while fostering a lifelong appreciation for this indigenous American art form. This is achieved by enhancing their knowledge of tap history, increasing their tap vocabulary, introducing them to the many styles of tap, including historical and contemporary forms, and helping develop student’s individual expressive voice, as well as, their ability to play a successful role in an ensemble. Classes will include technical exercises that will challenge the dancers’ physical, intellectual, and musical abilities.
SCBD Tap Ensemble builds teamwork and self-esteem. Company members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner. It is important that members engage teammates in a positive and constructive way. Students commit to being a team member of the SCBD Tap Ensemble and work towards achieving goals together through prepping for performances in the DFW metroplex.
The SCBD Tap Ensemble performs at various festivals and competitions throughout the year. Students must attend their weekly tap class in addition to weekly ensemble rehearsals and practices.

The SCBD Youth Tap Ensemble program is open to students ages 8 through 18 years, and acceptance into the program is by audition, usually held in the spring of the previous year. New students to the school may be evaluated for the program upon entrance into the school.


SCBD Youth Hip Hop Company, Current Director Quinton Winston, Former Director Valerie Contreras- Gomez,

 Junior Hip Hop Director Madeline Halsell 

The Hip Hop Company is a performing and competitive company that is comprised of talented dancers interested mainly in hip hop styles and culture. These cutting edge Hip Hop dancers perform in community events and attend competitions and conventions throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Company members gain responsibility, self-confidence and the ultimate performing experience. The SCBD Hip Hop Company is a great program to help dancers reach their optimal dance ability!   These dynamic performing teams learn a variety of Hip Hop styles mixed with choreography that is fresh and new. The Company performs at charity events, festivals, sporting events, and makes several public appearances across the DFW Metroplex and surrounding communities.

The Hip Hop Company is in its second season  as an addition to the Youth Performance Program.   The Hip Hop Company is open to dancers ages 9 through 18 and members are selected by audition only.   Each dancer is required to have a minimum of one year of formal hip hop training as well as 2 hrs a week of training. Members attend mandatory weekly rehearsals and classes, will perform at competitions, and may include 1-2 conventions throughout the year.

The Hip Hop Company provides young dancers the opportunity to learn important skills and to develop the poise necessary to become outstanding performers. Crew members learn discipline, technique, and teamwork, and give back to the community by providing high energy family appropriate entertainment.

 Hip hop company members should always be on their best behavior as they represent the School, as a whole, at all performances and public events. All members should act in a and appropriate and supportive manner to team members, directors and other schools.

The SCBD Youth Hip Hop Company program is open to students ages 9 through 18 years, and acceptance into the program is by audition, usually held in the spring of the previous year. New students to the school may be evaluated for the program upon entrance into the school.