Health & Safety Update

Updated 10/20/21
  • CBD is requiring masks as of 8/12/21, and appreciates Governor Abbott and the Texas Supreme Court allowing businesses to make decisions regarding masks, however CBD is requiring masks for all youth students.
  • Please note that as of 10/20/21, Masks are recommended but optional for adult students only while in the classroom/ dance studio.  Masks must be worn by adult students at all times in the common areas, such as hallways and dressing rooms.   Please note that most adult classes are at various times when younger children are not present at the business.  Please contact with concerns/ feedback.
  • All CBD faculty and staff are required to wear masks.
  • CBD is also offering online classes for children and adults for those students that would prefer to train from home.
  • Throughout the pandemic, CBD has been very cautious in maintaining its health and safety protocol following CDC guidelines throughout. When Contemporary Ballet Dallas reopened on May 18, 2020 after the 2 month shut down of the business during the COVID outbreak, the school required mask wearing before it was a Dallas County or statewide mandate to minimize exposure amongst students and within our community.  CBD then lifted its mask mandate with the end of the 2021 school year.
  • The School will continue to clean heavily touched surfaces often and continue the various cleanliness protocols set into place, such as surface wipes, barre wipes, hand sanitizer, shields at the front desk, and air sanitizers and purifiers.  The school continues to also allow outside ventilation regularly.
  • We will still have a closed lobby policy except for kinder program parents to minimize capacity, as well.
  • The School still encourages anyone that feels sick to stay home and be safe, and zoom into class!
  • Please contact with concerns/ feedback.