With the rise in vaccination rates, the decline in reported cases on the Dallas County website, and the CDC’s statement on May 13, 2021, beginning June 6, 2021, Contemporary Ballet Dallas will no longer require masks.
  • Mask wearing will be optional for all students and parents entering the facility starting on June 6, 2021.
  • Throughout the pandemic, CBD has been very cautious in maintaining its health and safety protocol following CDC guidelines throughout. When Contemporary Ballet Dallas reopened on May 18, 2020 after the 2 month shut down of the business during the COVID outbreak, the school required mask wearing before it was a Dallas County or statewide mandate to minimize exposure amongst students and within our community.
  • During the pandemic, CBD has taken precautions to protect staff and students with clearly outlined protocols. The Governor of Texas lifted the mask mandate on March 2, 2021 and the school did not follow suit, as teachers were not a priority for vaccinations at the time and vaccinations were not made available to much of the public. However, since March 2, the vaccinations have been made more readily available to the public and positive COVID cases have continued to decline across our community.  As of 12:00 pm May 25, 2021 Dallas County Health and Human Services is reporting 152 additional positive cases of 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Dallas County, 69 confirmed cases and 83 probable cases. Many gyms and businesses have lifted the mask mandate since the CDC announced May 13, 2021 that masks are no longer needed for vaccinated people as long as the local numbers are down.
  • The CDC also stated that the spread of covid is reduced as well to unvaccinated individuals because so many people have been vaccinated.
  • The CDC also recommends that Schools finish out the school year with the protocols set into place. Therefore, starting June 6, the mask policy is optional for students at CBD.
  • The School will continue to clean heavily touched surfaces often and continue the various cleanliness protocols set into place, such as surface wipes, barre wipes, hand sanitizer, shields at the front desk, and air sanitizers. We will still have a closed lobby policy except for kinder program parents to minimize capacity in the lobby as well.
  • The School still encourages anyone that feels sick to stay home and be safe!
Additionally, for the School’s spring concerts on June 5, 2021, at the Eisemann Center, dancers will get to perform without masks while onstage!
Contemporary Ballet Dallas will require dancers to wear masks in the common areas of the Eisemann Center building including hallways and dressing rooms--anywhere NOT onstage.
If you would like for your dancer to keep their mask on, let the CBD staff know when checking in your child at the North Stage door prior to the show, or you may email