Updated 8/27/2020



The School is operating at allowed to operate at 75% capacity as of September 17, 2020. The school is operating below 75% capacity in the dance studios and class sizes are assessed weekly based upon maintaining safe measures.  

Precautions we have taken which go beyond what the State of Texas is requiring:

  • The studios, including the ballet barres, carpets, and the dance floors have been fully sanitized, refinished and buffed;
  • Alcohol Hand sanitizing wipes are available for student use to clean barres and equipment;
  • Teachers and front desk staff will be required to wear masks;
  • Adult students are required to wear masks;
  • All people entering the business are required to wear a mask if 10 years of age and up from Dallas Mandate as of 6/20/20, and Texas mandate as of 7/2/20.  (We required this from the beginning when we reopened!)
  • As of 9/5/2020, We ask that Levels 1 & 2 as well as Ballet/ Tap combo students wear masks. We understand this may be a challenge, however please do your best!
  • Social Distancing of 6 ft apart should be adhered to as much as possible and people should wear a mask if age 10 years and older;
  • 6ft apart social distancing will be marked on the floors at the ballet barres;
  • CBD Instructors and staff will be screened daily on their health and not permitted to return to work until the proper precautions have been followed outlined by the state;
  • Students will be screened upon entry and asked to leave the studio if they show signs of illness;
  • All student’s temperatures will be taken daily upon entry;
  • Frequent handwashing is required of students and staff;
  • Staggering arrival and dismissal times of classes;
  • Allowing 7-10 minutes in between classes to allow for Sanitizing of the ballet barres and equipment in between classes;
  • Regular sanitizing and cleaning will be conducted by staff frequently of door handles and commonly used areas;


  • Hand sanitizer use upon entry is required;
  • Students need to remove shoes upon entry and place in plastic/reusable bag before entering carpeted area.  This is to keep all common areas and studio floors clean;
  • Handwashing use upon entry is required;
  • Dressing rooms/ changing rooms are closed; please change in restroom or before you arrive;
  • The Lobby/ Parent Observation area is closed, only drop off and pick up only is permitted.As of 9/1/20, Students ages 2 yrs-5yrs, 1 parent is allowed into the Lobby/ School during the child’s class; ;
  • No students are allowed to hang out in-between classes in the lobby/ parent observation area;
  • Students may not arrive more than 15 minutes before their class time, and may be asked to wait outside, as needed, based upon limited business capacity numbers.
  • Bring your own water bottle or purchase a bottle of water at the vending machine- no community water fountains or use;
  • Bring a towel if laying on the floors to stretch, or wear a long sleeve T-shirt if there is floor work during class;
  • Class cancellation policy for Adult classes & Rental cancellation policy will be relaxed, as if you become sick, we want you to stay home;
  • Please adhere to any flow of traffic direction signs placed in the studio;
  • Bags and personal items should be brought into the studio, but placed apart from others.
  • We also have air purifiers and air sanitizers for each studio and main common areas which we added in June,



  • Adult students must check in online for IN STUDIO classes and online classes. The School is at a limited capacity, and therefore all check-in must be done online. We also need to keep the flow of traffic at the front desk moving.
  • Most classes on the schedule will continue to be offered online. Check website for updates regularly.
  • Visit the website:
  • As you can see, there are 2 options for many of the same classes. That is because some classes are online only and some are IN STUDIO. If you want to attend the IN STUDIO Classes, then you must register online for that class. If the class has reached capacity, then you should select the online version of that class to sign in.
  • Please also read and adhere to the above policies that we have implemented for the Reopening.
  • Adults must wear a mask entering the studio and while in class.

As we cautiously maintain holding classes at 75% capacity during this time of COVID, I hope that these precautions we have taken assure you and make you feel comfortable to return to the studio for Adult classes and children’s classes. We care about our employees, students and families and we look forward to welcoming you back into the studio!  Please contact me with any questions or concerns during this time. And know that we also continue to offer online classes as an option!


Lindsay DiGiuseppe Bowman

School director