Proof of Life

Art is without a doubt a trait that is singular and unique to mankind. Art parallels the evolution of man, is significantly present in culture and continues to change. CBD’s concert Proof of Life, as part of the Addison’s Out of the Loop Fringe Festival, used dance to examine various art forms and artists throughout history to suggest that art not only defines our human experience, but is what makes us human. Choreographer Jennifer Obeney premiered her piece, “Origin,” about The Chauvet caves of Southern France, wherein the oldest known pictorial creations are still in-tact. Director Valerie Shelton Tabor premieres a piece suggesting a back story to Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss.” Guest Choreographer Leslie Hale premiered her work “Time Signature,” which suggests a dependency between man and machines. And finally, choreographer and dancer Erin Mallar Boone will restage “Glass Flowers,” based off paintings off the Sunflower Series paintings by Vincent Van Gogh. New choreographer Amanda Will premiered her work based off Edgar Allen Poe’s work, “The Raven,” with live original composition by Marc Oliveira for the solo viola.

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